How I Am Making $106.63 Per Day
(For The Last 6 Months) By Promoting
One Affiliate Product On Facebook

I Know What You're Thinking...

$106.63 a day seems pretty modest compared with the amounts most internet marketers out there claim they are making.

And it’s meant to be.

This is not about becoming a millionaire by this time next Tuesday working 10 minutes a day in your underwear.

And I promise you will not be seeing pictures of my Malibu beach house, my 5-star holiday in the Maldives or the Ferrari I paid for last week in cash.

If you’re reading this, I'm guessing none of those big promises ever quite panned out for you.

So let’s forget the millions for now and focus on a very achievable $100+ a day for starters.

That’s what most aspiring internet marketers quote as the initial target they want to shoot for.

And I'm going to show you that it’s far easier and far faster to hit than you probably imagine.

In fact, I have been averaging more than that per day – and doing it consistently for the last 6 months – by promoting a single product as an affiliate.

This income stream took me a few hours to set up and now just a few minutes every other day to maintain.

And I can assure you it isn't ‘rocket science’.

Anyone with modest intelligence and a willingness to take some simple action can do the same… once they know the process.

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

So, if you are looking for untold riches for zero effort, sorry, but you won’t find them here.

But, if you are looking to make a good living in the Real World, please read on…

Welcome To The Real World...

Hello and Welcome!

My name is William Martin and I have been marketing both online and offline since 2005.

During that time, I’ve helped a lot of people make their first money online.

So I can say with some authority that, if you are struggling to find success, it’s probably because you are looking in the wrong place.

Despite what most of the ‘gurus’ would have you believe, having a good product to promote is not the key. In fact, it’s the least important part of the equation.

Think about it for a moment and you will see this is common sense.

You could have the best product in the whole world and you could even be giving it away for nothing. But you won’t shift a single one unless and until you get someone to see your offer.

In other words, you need visitors, or ‘traffic’ in marketing-speak. Without that, you don’t have a business.

And yet almost all beginners fixate solely on the product, thinking that if they build it, people will come.

They spend huge amounts of time, energy and money creating or sourcing something to promote, putting together websites, squeeze pages, autoresponder sequences, upsells, downsells, payment systems, product delivery and customer support only to find, if and when they finally have everything ready to go, they have no way of getting anyone to come and see their shiny new business.

It’s like building a Starbucks in the middle of the Sahara Desert and wondering why there isn’t a mob of customers banging on the door on opening day.

The Secret To Fast Online Success...

If you want to succeed online and do it quickly, you need to reverse this process...

  • ​Master a single profitable traffic source
  • Find good affiliate offers* you can plug into your traffic source to start making money fast (of course, if you already have your own products, you can plug those in too)

*A Short Aside...

In case you don’t know, affiliate products are other people’s products you sign up to promote. You earn commissions on everything you sell but the product owner deals with delivery, payment processing, customer support and all of the other paraphernalia of an online business, so you don’t have to.

Only after you are making money, consider developing your own products, creating fancy websites, using other traffic sources and all of the rest of it.

The route to fast online success really is as simple as those two steps and, if you take nothing else away with you, your time here has been well spent.

But, of course, ‘simple’ isn’t the same as ‘easy’.

The second step is easy. There are thousands upon thousands of great affiliate products out there you can promote and they are very easy to find on networks such as,, and many others.

But it’s the first step – mastering a single profitable traffic source – that causes people problems.

I should know. I have tried just about every traffic strategy going in 10 years online… forum marketing… guest blogging… Google AdWords… video marketing… Search Engine Optimisation… banner ads… media buying… classified ads… and even flyers and direct mail.

I have had success – often a lot of success – with some of these techniques. But I don’t mind admitting that I have also wasted huge amounts of time and taken a real financial kicking with others!

So where should you go if you are a beginner looking to master your first traffic source or you are a more experienced marketer looking to scale your profits up?

Well, each of the techniques I just mentioned has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some, like forum marketing, are free but painfully slow and time-consuming to implement.

Others, like media buying, are incredibly fast and provide almost unlimited traffic but are expensive and very, very risky.

The 'Holy Grail' Of Internet Marketing Revealed...

If we want a single traffic source for both beginners and experienced marketers alike, we need it to be a good one.

And that means we are looking for the ‘Holy Grail’ of internet marketing… a source of fast, consistent, reliable, unlimited and cheap traffic that is simple enough for anyone to pick up and profit from quickly and effectively.

We’re not asking for a lot then!

But such a traffic source does exist and it is (drum roll please)…

Facebook advertising.

(I guess the headline sort of gave that away, didn’t it?)

I will go into detail about why I think this is the perfect solution, particularly for beginners, in just a moment. But first, I want to show you what is possible with my own real life case study.

This is important because there is nothing in what I'm about to show you that you couldn't do very easily once you understand the process behind it (and I've already said that isn't rocket science)…

A Real Life Case Study...

Now, I have to admit that I was something of a late-comer to marketing on Facebook.

I had played around with it a couple of years ago and I did make money. However, the way I was doing it then was very time-consuming and so I eventually moved onto other things.

Fast forward to a few months ago and I was looking for a way to promote a particular product called ‘Easy Sketch Pro’.

This is software that automates the process of creating so-called ‘whiteboard animation’ videos. I’m sure you’ve seen them because they are all the rage at the moment.

They are the ones where a hand appears to ‘sketch out’ images and text to illustrate the narrative of the video.


Here is a video that was made using whiteboard animation.

Only watch if you are interested because it’s not vital to what I am telling you.

As soon as Easy Sketch Pro was released, I instantly saw the sales potential.

Big businesses and ‘guru’ marketers have been using whiteboard animation for some time because they know it is much more effective than other video formats.


Because it is entertaining and that means people are more likely to watch right to the end and then do what you want them to do.

But whiteboard animation had been denied to the ‘little guy’ because of the high cost and/or technical expertise required… until Easy Sketch Pro came along.

This software automates the whole process, so anyone could now create whiteboard animation… and do it at the almost ridiculously low price of $29.

I knew that, if I could put this product in front of the right people, it would pretty much sell itself.

Affiliate Marketing Tip

Always try to promote products that you believe in and can get excited about. This is even more relevant for Facebook, because it is a social medium and your enthusiasm will come across in your advertising.

But how to find the ‘right people’?

For me, the answer lay in the incredibly precise targeting options available with Facebook advertising.

My 'Eureka' Moment... Eventually

I threw together my first ad campaign and started it running, confident that the money would immediately start rolling in.

And it did… but at only half the rate at which money was going out on the ad costs.

OK, this wasn’t going to be quite as easy as I had thought.

So I tweaked the ad and the targeting (the people who saw my ad) a few times but got little in the way of improvement.

This really wasn't going to be as easy as I had thought.

Time to go back to school.

I signed up for a couple of very high-priced Facebook marketing courses and devoured them in double-quick time.

I implemented what I had learned and… my campaigns still lost money.

But I was now almost breaking even.

How could I nudge them into profit?

I was mulling this over for a couple of days when I really did have a ‘Eureka’ moment.

It was one of those things that seemed so obvious after I had thought of it and yet neither of those expensive courses had covered it and I had not seen it mentioned anywhere else.

In a nutshell, I didn’t change the ads themselves but I completely changed who the ads were being shown to on Facebook.

Instead of doing the ‘obvious’, as everyone else seemed to be doing, I started to think outside the box.

Immediately, my advertising costs dropped by a third and the number of people clicking on my ads to go to the offer went up by a quarter.

The result was more sales for less money and my campaigns went from shy of break-even to making a handsome profit.

How much profit? Let’s look at some numbers…

1,131 Sales And Counting...

I am promoting Easy Sketch Pro through, a network where product owners list their offers and affiliates can apply to promote them.

Here is my Affiliate Dashboard for Easy Sketch Pro sales for the last 6 months…

The above shows sales of Easy Sketch Pro itself plus sales of its various ‘upsells’.

These are additional products that are offered to people automatically and immediately after they have bought the main product.

I don’t have to do anything to get these additional sales and commissions.

And that brings us to another Affiliate Marketing Tip…

Affiliate Marketing Tip

Always try to promote products that have relevant, high-quality upsells, because they put more money in your pocket for the same marketing cost and effort.

(In marketing-speak, the main product together with all of the upsells – and occasionally ‘downsells’ – is known as the ‘sales funnel’.)

There are two key numbers to note in the above screenshot.

First, there isn't a total on that report but, if you whipped your calculator out, you would find the total commission comes to $25,140.65.

More Than 1 In 7 Are Buying...

The second thing to note is the conversion rate of 14.39%. This means more than one in seven of everyone I sent to the offer actually bought the product.

Any marketer would bite your arm off to get conversions like that.

And it shows that the traffic I am getting from Facebook is extremely high quality (or ‘targeted’ in marketing speak).

Anyway, if you've still got your calculator out, $25,140.65 over 6 months averages out at $136.63 per day.

This Is Working Now...

Just to bring things up to date and demonstrate that this is still working now, here are the results from yesterday (as I write this)…

That’s a total of $154.00, so a better than ‘average’ day.

$3.50 Profit For Every $1 Spent...

OK. Sales commissions are one thing, but they aren’t pure profit.

What about the advertising costs to get those sales?

Well, since I have got the ads working as I want them, I have been running just two Facebook campaigns promoting Easy Sketch Pro.

I ‘tweak’ and refresh these ads on a regular basis to keep them profitable.

Here are the details direct from the Facebook Ad Manager for the current ads…

Here’s the first…

And here’s the second…

Forgive me for blurring out the actual ads. I reveal them in the course but, for now, I don't want everyone copying them!

Just notice that the budget for each campaign (highlighted in red in the images) is set to £10.00 daily. I am based in the UK so my Facebook account is in Sterling.

That means I am spending a grand total of £20 – around $30 – per day on advertising.

And, apart from a little more in the initial testing, this has been the case since I started promoting Easy Sketch Pro.

So my profit is income less costs = $136.63 – $30.00 = $106.63 per day.

I hope you will agree that is a pretty tidy profit!

I am earning more than $3.50 in profit for every $1 I spend on advertising.

$39,000 A Year...

Virtually Hands-Free

Even if that were all I was getting, it is still around $3,250 a month or $39,000 a year… from promoting a single affiliate product on Facebook.

And remember… that has been the case for 6 months now and counting.

But it gets even better…

Now that I have created these profitable campaigns, this income is almost completely ‘hands-free’.

With my daily budget set, all I do is check in every couple of days to ensure that the campaigns are ticking over nicely and, if necessary, make the odd tweak here and there.

A Short Aside...

You may be asking yourself why I don’t just ramp up my budget, to say $1,000 a day, and make a big, fast killing.

Well, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. It all depends on the product and the audience you are targeting on Facebook.

It also depends on what you are trying to achieve. I prefer having an on-going hands-free income coming in over an extended period rather than big one-off pay days.

The latter do happen but I see them as ‘icing on the cake’.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

$106.63 a day is very nice, especially if you have to do very little for it.

But it’s not all I am getting from these campaigns.

Another $26.60 A Day For Zero Additional Effort...

One thing that a lot of buyers of Easy Sketch Pro will want, once they start using the software, is more images to include in their whiteboard animation.

So I did a quick internet search for image packages and signed up as an affiliate for two really good ones that I found on JVZoo.

I then set things up so that buyers of Easy Sketch Pro are automatically sent emails promoting these products, the first after 3 days and the second after 7 days.

A Short Aside...

Sending out automated emails like this is very easy to do using an 'autoresponder' service to manage your email list. You simply write the emails and specify how many days after someone joins your email list each email should be sent out.

​Here are the results...

(I have blanked out the full product name because I don’t want everyone who is promoting Easy Sketch Pro jumping on my band wagon!)

As you can see, the second product has its own set of ‘upsells’.

Add those figures up and you will find they come to $4,894.00, or another $26.60 per day on average.

And, once the autoresponder was set up, I have done absolutely no work for that extra income.

So, in case you missed it, here is another Affiliate Marketing Tip…

Affiliate Marketing Tip

Always try to have an automated follow-up email sequence in place to make further related offers to your buyers so you make even more money for the same amount of effort.

(I am missing a trick here. I should have more than just two relatively low-priced offers in place and so I will be adding more very soon.)

$133.23 A Day From Promoting Just One Product...

That takes my daily total up to $133.23, all from promoting just this one product on Facebook… and all on virtual autopilot.

(I put $106.63 in the headline because, strictly speaking, this additional income comes from 'other' products, even though I get it without lifting a finger.) 

But, of course, even this is not the end of what I am making.

In fact, it is just the beginning.

As any good internet marketer will tell you, “the money’s in the list”.

I now have an email list of 1,131 people and it’s growing by more than 6 a day…

And these aren't any old people… they are buyers.

And (as any good internet marketer will also tell you) one buyer is worth ten or more people who are just ‘interested’.

These are all people who have got their wallets out and actually bought something, making them far more likely to buy more stuff in future.

I will be able to make relevant offers to this list for months and years into the future and it won’t cost me a penny to do so.

All I need do is send an email out.

In fact, that is just what I did yesterday (as I write this).

As Close As It Gets To
'Cash On Demand'...

An excellent new package of video resources was launched on JVZoo… just the sort of thing Easy Sketch Pro buyers are interested in.

So I took all of 5 minutes to write a quick email and send it out to my list and this is the result so far…

That’s $393.87, and the figure will almost certainly rise as more people read my email.

Not too shabby for the few minutes it took me to write the email, add it to my autoresponder and press ‘Send’.

Affiliate Marketing Tip

Don't restrict yourself to the 'make money' niche.

Although I am in that niche and it is very profitable, I routinely get around twice as many people buying products I recommend in other niches such as this 'video production' one.

I could go on. I have made thousands of dollars simply telling my list about new video-related products they might be interested in. But I hope you get the picture.

The point is that having an email list – and especially an email list of buyers – really is as close as it gets to ‘cash on demand’.

If you can build that email list whilst making money at the same time (as I am doing), you are in the best of all worlds.

Not only are you producing profits immediately... you are also creating a long-term, highly profitable online business that will serve you for years to come.

The Perfect Traffic Source...
Especially For Beginners

I hope you are beginning to see the potential of Facebook advertising here.

I have been so blown away by the results I am getting that I have now switched 75% of my paid traffic generation over to Facebook.

And I can’t recommend it strongly enough, whether you are a beginner looking to make your first money online or you are an established marketer looking for an additional source of fast, profitable traffic.

If I were starting out again, Facebook traffic is without a shadow of doubt what I would be using.

Here are some of the reasons why Facebook is the perfect traffic source…

  • Facebook traffic is very, very simple. (As you will see below) there are remarkably few ‘moving parts’ to advertising on Facebook and you can learn the basics you need to create a profitable campaign inside a leisurely few hours.
  • Facebook traffic is very fast. You can literally set up an advertising campaign and have it producing traffic for you within an hour of a standing start.
  • Facebook traffic is very, very effective. You can laser-target your ideal customer by using the vast amount of data that Facebook holds about its users. The closer you can target your audience, the better your results will be. No other medium comes close to offering this level of targeting.
  • Facebook traffic is hugely scalable. Facebook currently has more then 1.2 billion active users and continues to grow by the day. Once you have tested ‘small’ to ensure you have a successful campaign, you can quickly and easily ‘go large’ to multiply your profits.
  • Facebook traffic is ‘cheap’. The heady days of one-cent (or even zero-cent) clicks may have gone, but Facebook still offers exceptional value for money given the level of targeting you can achieve.
  • Facebook traffic is all you need. You can get all of the traffic you will ever need or want from Facebook alone. It is certainly far more than enough as a first traffic source for beginners.

I have been around the block more than a few times and I have yet to find another traffic source that ticks all of those six boxes.

And the opportunity gets bigger and better every day.

Facebook is just 12 years old, but it is sobering to see how it has grown in that short time…

Back in 2004, it had just one million users. By the end of 2015, that had grown to 1.55 billion users.

That’s not far off one in five of the entire world population.

And it continues to grow. Some 165 million of those users were added in 2015 alone and there is every indication that figure will be exceeded in 2016.

Even better, these aren’t casual users. Facebook reports that 757 million users log into their accounts every single day.

In short, Facebook is huge and it’s getting bigger by the day, offering massive potential for online marketers.

A Massive Opportunity...

Gary Vaynerchuk, acknowledged as one of the leading pioneers of internet marketing, has described the Facebook opportunity as being similar to when Google AdWords opened for business in 2002. (‘AdWords’ are those small classified ads you see appearing with the Google search results.)

Back then, Google had gone ‘public’ and needed to make money and make it fast. They needed AdWords to work and so they placed little restraint on advertisers.

Huge numbers of people became millionaires in record time simply by running very cheap AdWords ads straight to affiliate offers. It was like the ‘Golden Age’ of marketing.

Eventually, Google started making rules about what you could and couldn’t advertise. They effectively banned direct linking to affiliate offers and started demanding that ads sent people to websites that offered real value. The cost of ads sky-rocketed and the accounts of lots of marketers were shut down without warning. The Golden Age was well and truly over.

If you (like me) are one of the ones who missed out back then, 13 years on and Facebook is giving you a second chance.

Just like Google before it, Facebook has gone public and it too needs to make money to keep the markets and its shareholders happy. And that means they are bending over backwards to attract advertisers.

Crucially, Facebook still allows – and even encourages – direct promotion of affiliate offers, just as Google did when all those people got very rich, very quickly.

This really is another Golden Age. But it won’t last forever, so now is the time to jump in if you don’t want to miss the boat a second time.

Think You Can't Do This?
Think Again...

Perhaps you think Facebook advertising is somehow ‘difficult’?

That you need to be ‘clever’ or have some special skills to set up a Facebook ad campaign?

Well here's a typical Facebook ad…

(Just in case you are tempted to enquire about the product, this is a spoof ad for illustration purposes only!)

Take a good look at it. It's just an image and a few lines of text.

There are no reams of sales copy to write or complex graphics to create.

‘War and Peace’ this most definitely isn’t!

In fact, one of my most successful ads consisted of precisely 15 words.

There are just three steps to putting an ad campaign together on Facebook.

Let me show you how ‘difficult’ they are…

Step 1: Specify which Facebook users will see your ad

You need to tell Facebook which of its users your ad should be shown to. Facebook calls this the ‘audience’…

As you can see, there are just a few boxes to fill in and a few selections to be made.

As you complete the form, Facebook summarises your selection on the right-hand side.

In this case, I have selected everyone living in the UK or the USA who is aged 18 and above and who has an interest in ‘beaches’.

(Again, this is a spoof ad and you would definitely not target like this!)

Facebook also estimates how many people your ad might be shown to… 26 million in this case.

Targeting is where so many advertisers go wrong and, hence, fail to make the sort of returns they are looking for.

As I told you earlier, learning how to do targeting ‘right’ was what transformed my campaigns from losers to huge winners, literally overnight.

And all it takes is a little thinking outside the box and some light research.

When you have done that, filling in this form is a two-minute job.

And now onto the next step…

Step 2: Set your budget and pricing

This is where you tell Facebook how much you want to spend on this ad every day (the ‘budget’) and how much you are prepared to pay for each click on your ad (the ‘pricing’).

In this case, I am setting my budget at £5.00 (around $7.50) per day. This means that Facebook will stop showing my ad for any day when my total cost for that day is around £5.00.

This is a great feature because it means you can let your ad run knowing exactly how much it is going to cost you.

I have set my pricing at 15 pence (around 23 cents) per click. This means that I will be charged a maximum of 15 pence, not when someone is shown my ad, but only when someone clicks on it.

Note this is my maximum bid. As the term suggests, this is an auction. You will not pay more than this, but you will almost always pay less.

Step 3: Design your ad

As you enter the information, Facebook gives you a helpful preview of what your ad will look like.

Once you have uploaded your image, you have very few words to come up with.

There are just 25 characters for the headline, 90 for the ad text (above the image) and 200 for the optional link description (below the headline). That is a grand total of 315 characters or 115 without the link description.

Do you think you could come up with 315 characters worth of text? That’s only a little more than two Twitter Tweets!

Yes, you do need to choose the ‘right’ image and the ‘right’ words, but anyone of even modest intelligence can put one of these ads together in a matter of minutes after they have been shown what to do.

And remember, this is the grand total of the ‘sales copy’ you have to come up with if you are promoting an affiliate product by sending people to the product owner’s website.

You can now review your order and, when you are happy, click on the ‘Place Order’ button. Facebook will review your ad and, if they are happy with it, start showing it to your selected audience.

That’s it. Complete those three simple steps and your campaign is done. If you have already chosen your image, decided on the text, identified your target audience and know your budget and your pricing, this boils down to simple ‘form filling’ that will take no more than 5 minutes of your time, if that.

You can see how your ad is doing by going to Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Too many marketers make a massive meal of this, obsessing about all sorts of weird and wonderful statistics that Facebook gives you.

It’s so unnecessary.

At the end of the day, the only measure of success you need concern yourself with is ‘money in versus money out’ i.e. whether your ad is bringing more money in than it is costing you in money out.

If it is, you ramp things up to make more money.

If it isn’t, you either ‘tweak’ it to see if you can nudge it into profit or you kill it (which can be done at any time with the click of a button) and move onto something else.

There really is nothing more to it. And that’s what I mean when I say Facebook advertising has so few ‘moving parts’.

And they are moving parts that anyone can master in a very short period of time if they are shown what to do.

And that’s exactly what I am going to do in my ‘Facebook Traffic Rush’ course…

Welcome To Facebook Traffic Rush...

This step-by-step training course reveals everything you need to get you to your first profitable Facebook advertising campaign in the shortest possible time.

And that is regardless of your current knowledge or experience.

I assume that you know nothing about marketing in general or Facebook marketing in particular.

I don’t even assume that you already use Facebook at all! (Of course, more experienced marketers can fast-track past the basic sections.)

The course is split into 38 modules, teaching you the key steps in the process in easy to digest ‘bite-sized’ chunks.

Each module comes with a written lesson explaining in clear and simple language what to do and an ‘over-the-shoulder’ video tutorial showing you how to do it, live on screen in front of you.

So, whether you prefer learning by reading or watching (or both), I have you covered.

And this course is most definitely not dry theory.

I give you details of actual campaigns I have run, including Easy Sketch Pro campaigns.

I will show you actual ads, tell you how I come up with the targeting for them and how I monitor their performance.

In short, Facebook Traffic Rush is a complete action plan for creating your own hugely profitable business based on Facebook marketing.

Here is just a brief flavour of what you will find inside the course…

  • Your Facebook page… why you need one, what you should include in it and how to put it together fast.
  • One simple thing you can do to find out what ads are working on Facebook now.
  • The different types of Facebook ad… each has a different purpose and I will show you which to use and when.
  • Where to show your ad… Facebook allows you to display your ad on desktop computers and on mobile devices. I tell you when to use which to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Ad placement… do you place your ad in the news feed or on the right-hand side or both? For me, one is a clear winner and I’ll tell you which and why.
  • Understanding your ad… Facebook advertising is not the same as other forms of advertising and you will fail dismally if you don’t know the difference.
  • Creating your first ad… I walk you through the process step-by-step, from choosing a product to promote, to creating an image, to adding the text, right through to setting a budget and pressing ‘Go’.
  • The right way to bid… how much you pay for your ad is determined by auction and your bid is crucial. I’ll show you a little-known trick that will ‘force’ Facebook to give you better results from your campaigns.
  • The Idiot’s Guide to monitoring your ad… forget all the complicated stuff. There are only 3 key figures you have to watch to instantly know how well your campaign is doing.
  • Re-energising your ad… simple steps you can take to inject new impetus into ads that are starting to ‘burn out’. These can double or treble the lifetime of a successful campaign.
  • Scaling up… how to suck out as much profit as possible from a winning campaign (and, no, it’s not just increasing the budget).
  • Testing, testing, testing… how to quickly test different ad formats and find out within 24 to 48 hours which are going to be winners and which you should kill off immediately.
  • Using video in your ads… video is a great way to make your ad stand out but there is a right way and a wrong way to use it. I’ll show you both, together with a sneaky trick that multiplies the effectiveness of any video ad.
  • How to get more sales for the same money by tapping into the ‘viral’ aspect of Facebook.
  • Facebook’s 20% Text Rule and the simple trick that lets you squeeze the most out of it.
  • Great image design…. the image is crucial to the success of your ad. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t (this will surprise you).
  • Effective sales copy... you only have a few lines of text to play with and so every word counts. I’ll tell you what works and even provide you with the ‘template’ I use in my campaigns.
  • Targeting… this is the most important factor in the success or failure of your campaign and that’s why no fewer than 15 of the modules are devoted to it. The information you will find here is what transformed my campaigns from break-even to making huge profits and it will make sure you start out doing things right.
  • And much more...

In short, Facebook Traffic Rush teaches you absolutely everything you need to take you from where you are now to making very good money online with Facebook advertising.

Change The Way You Think About Making Money Online...

It’s time to grab Facebook Traffic Rush and change the way you think about making money online forever.

If you’re struggling, it’s almost certainly because you are over-complicating the process.

And who can blame you when most of the ‘gurus’ out there are steering you in the wrong direction?

All you need for fast online success is a good affiliate offer and a source of traffic you can send to it.

There are thousands of great affiliate offers out there but finding a traffic source that anyone can pick up and use has been the problem… until now.

Facebook Traffic Rush shows you how to quickly and easily tap into an almost unlimited source of some of the cheapest and most targeted traffic around.

All you need to make this work is a budget for testing your first campaigns and some time.

Given that you can test a campaign in just 24 to 48 hours with a daily budget of as little as $5 or $10, you don’t need a big investment to start.

As for time, you certainly don’t need a lot of that.

It took me less than 6 hours to get my Easy Sketch Pro campaigns up and running from a standing start.

Now I just spend a few minutes every other day monitoring them and, if necessary, tweaking them and yet they alone are making me an income of more than $100 a day.

And it gets better.

Because you can create a Facebook campaign so quickly, the only real limits on how many you set running are your daily budget and how much time you choose to devote to them.

If you want to take it slowly, re-invest half of the profits from winning campaigns in testing new campaigns. In that way, you will start building your income consistently without ever risking any of your ‘own’ money.

Remember that promoting just one product is making me what many would regard as a full-time income.

And that could be all you need to totally transform your finances.

Don't Wait 13 Years For Another Opportunity...

That said, I am definitely not promising Facebook Traffic Rush will make you a millionaire overnight, or ever, come to that.

I am not even promising Facebook Traffic Rush will make you seriously wealthy. That’s down to you and how you use the information I give you.

What I am promising is that Facebook currently offers a golden opportunity for anyone to make serious money quickly and simply and that Facebook Traffic Rush gives you everything you need to exploit that opportunity.

All you need to do is take the information I give you and act on it.

But please don’t hang around. The Golden Age of Google AdWords made an awful lot of people an awful lot of money very quickly but that’s now a fading memory.

Right here and now is the Golden Age of Facebook advertising and a lot of people are just starting to make a lot of money with it.

Act now and you can join them. Delay too long and the opportunity will surely start closing. Do you really want to wait another 13 years and hope something else comes along?

If you can commit to spending even a couple of hours a week to work your way through Facebook Traffic Rush and implement what I teach you, you will make money from Facebook advertising.

I can say that because the process is the exact same one I use to churn out one profitable campaign after another.

And there is nothing complicated about it. I have shown you the steps involved in creating an ad and that really is all there is to it.

The ‘trick’ is knowing what to put in your ad and how to target who sees it. And that is what Facebook Traffic Rush is all about.

Armed with the training I give you, you will be ahead of 95% of Facebook advertisers who only do the ‘obvious’ and pay the price in poor results.

So now there are no more excuses for not making money online.

Put any failures you may have had in the past behind you. This is your opportunity to start again and do it right.

All you have to do is grab your copy of Facebook Traffic Rush.

I guarantee that you will find nothing ‘complicated’ in the course, no matter what your previous experience has been.

Each of the modules has been designed to teach you one step of the process in an easy to digest format with both a written lesson and an ‘over-the-shoulder’ video tutorial.

You are going to come out the other end with this being far easier than you ever imagined. And you will almost certainly be wishing that this information was available to you years ago.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Here is a small selection of the feedback I have been getting from students already taking action with Facebook Traffic Rush...

Jim Sutton

I want to thank you for creating an amazing course. I was sceptical when I signed up because I have tried one thing after another and never had any real success. I was beginning to think that I am just not cut out for this making money online lark.

As soon as I started in, I could see this was different. You lay everything out in simple steps that even I can understand. I went though the whole course twice from start to finish and then set up my first ad and waited with my fingers crossed to see what happened.

Just as you recommend, I resisted the temptation to check in on my ad for the first 24 hours, which was not easy!

The following morning, I anxiously logged into Facebook and found that I had spent $9.94… and I had made 2 sales earning me $36.04 in affiliate commission!

I believe I may have punched the air! OK. It’s ‘only’ $26, but that is the first profit I have ever made online.

As you suggest, I doubled my budget and waited another anxious 24 hours. I spent $19.98 and made $79.54 in commissions! A total of $86 in profit in just 2 days!

I am going to let the ad run for another 24 hours before deciding whether to ramp it up further.

My head is spinning with the possibilities! I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real but the figures don’t lie!

If you want to use this as a testimonial, feel free. Other people need to take the plunge and try this for themselves because it just plain works!

John Jakes

Thank you for this course! I am only a quarter of the way into it and I can already see that this is powerful stuff!

Andrew Charles

This is a fantastic course! I have been through it twice and have just set my first campaign running. It’s only 24 hours in but I am already in profit!

Jane Bothwell

I selected a product on Clickbank and put an ad together. I must admit that I didn’t expect to make money because I have never made a bean online. But I took your advice and just dived in. I made a profit of $28 on Day 1 and $27 on Day 2. Excited about what Day 3 will bring. Thank you so much for something that actually works for an Essex girl like me!

Steve Minter

Hands up! I stole one of your ads and adapted it for a product I really like. I had to tweak it a couple of times but I am now making more than $50 a day. I am loving this!

Harriet Downes

Just made $84. The first money I have ever made online after nearly 5 years of trying and I can’t believe how quick and easy it was. I can finally look forward to doing more than just paying the bills every month.

Ann Wilson

I recently bought another course for $497 and I couldn't make head nor tail of it. The way you lay everything out in simple steps is like a breath of fresh air!

Steve James

I have my first campaign running and I’m already making money! I’m over the moon. Thanks and thanks again!

For most of these people and others I am hearing from, Facebook Traffic Rush is the first thing they have tried that (a) they understand and (b) makes them money.

Are you ready to join them?

A Complete Business Blueprint...

How much are you going to have to invest to secure your place on the Facebook Traffic Rush course?

Remember that this is a complete blueprint with everything laid out for you in 38 easy to follow modules with both video and written training.

Unlike so many other Facebook courses I have seen out there, it makes zero assumptions and leaves no step out in teaching you how to I am making consistent profits from Facebook advertising.

However, my course is aimed squarely at people either starting out or who are struggling to find success online as well as people with established businesses.

And I have decided that it should be priced accordingly.

Act today and you get Facebook Traffic Rush for just $9.95.

Yes, you read that right... just $9.95.

That is less than one tenth of one day’s profit I am making from just my Easy Sketch Pro campaigns using the exact same techniques you will find in Facebook Traffic Rush.

That’s it. There are no hidden fees and no extra charges.

For that low price, you get all of the step-by-step modules and all of the over-the-shoulder training videos.

Your Success Guaranteed...

But I don’t want you to be at all uncomfortable with even this small investment in Facebook Traffic Rush.

And that is why I am going to guarantee your success…

Act today. Secure your place on the Facebook Traffic Rush course and test drive it for a full 60 days. That is far more time than you will need to leisurely digest the contents and get your first campaigns up and running and making you money.

If you fail to make the purchase price back many times over or you aren’t completely satisfied with the course for any reason – or no reason at all – simply let us know and we will issue a quick and courteous refund with absolutely no questions asked.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from just giving Facebook Traffic Rush a try.

Maybe you still have doubts. Maybe you are wondering why Facebook Traffic Rush will work for you when so many other things you tried have not...

Why Facebook Traffic Rush Is Unlike 'So Many Other Things Out There'...

  • Facebook Traffic Rush is complete. It contains 38 modules for a very good reason. It walks you through every single step of the process of setting up and running successful Facebook campaigns without making any assumptions about what you may or may not know. Unlike most courses out there, it does not gloss over anything or leave anything out.
  • Facebook Traffic Rush comes from someone who is ‘walking the talk’. I am using the exact same techniques I show you in the course to make money right here and right now. This is not dry theory. And, unlike so many other courses out there, it is not from someone who has learned a bit about Facebook marketing and thrown a course out there to make a fast buck.
  • Facebook Traffic Rush is simple and actionable. The course is broken down into a series of manageable ‘chunks’ that take you by the hand and walk you through each step in the process, making zero assumptions about what you may or may not know. There is no pressure. You can take the course at whatever pace you find most comfortable and even a couple of hours a week will see you making real progress.
  • Facebook Traffic Rush teaches you the one essential skill. Forget developing products or creating complicated websites or any of the other ‘stuff’ you may have been wasting your time on. The one and only skill you need to make money online is being able to drive traffic. ‘Monetising’ that traffic by plugging other people’s products into it is by far the easiest part of the money-making process.
  • Facebook Traffic Rush is fast. Once you know what you are doing, you really can have a campaign up and running inside an hour from a standing start. And you will know whether it is going to be profitable in as little as 24 hours after that. Unlike so many other business models out there, you won’t be spending days or weeks setting something up without knowing whether it’s actually going to make you money or not.
  • Facebook Traffic Rush allows you to cash in on a huge opportunity. If internet marketers had a time machine, they would go back to the heady days of 2002 when making money with Google AdWords was as easy as creating simple ads and pointing them direct to affiliate offers. Now you don’t need a time machine because Facebook offers a similar golden opportunity for those that recognise it and jump on it before it too is gone.

You Now Have 3 Choices...

OK. Now it’s over to you. As I see it, you have three choices…

  • You can walk away now and go back to slaving away at your ‘work for an hour, get paid for an hour’ day job, wondering how your life could have been different if you had simply tried Facebook Traffic Rush.
  • You can try to work out how to make money from Facebook advertising for yourself. Who knows? You might just make it work… eventually. But the chances are you’ll give up long before then, wishing you had taken the opportunity to learn from someone who is making a full-time income from promoting just one of many products on Facebook.
  • You can make a small one-time investment in Facebook Traffic Rush and see for yourself whether this will work for you. If it does, you will have changed your life massively for the better. If it doesn't, you can claim your money back and the whole experience will have cost you a few hours of your time and a few dollars in Facebook advertising costs.

Today is the day when a very small investment could change your future.

Today is the day when you can stop dreaming and start taking action to finally turn those dreams into reality.

So don’t miss out. Click the ‘Get Instant Access’ button below and grab your copy of the Facebook Traffic Rush course for just $9.95 now…

After you have completed your order, you’ll be sent login details for the Facebook Traffic Rush Member’s Area by email.

You’ll be able to access the entire course from inside the Member’s Area and you can do so at any time of day or night, wherever you are in the world with an Internet connection.

Each module of the course consists of a video tutorial and accompanying notes.

You can either watch the video tutorials online from inside the Member’s Area or download them in standard MP4 format to watch offline in your favorite video player.

The accompanying notes are in PDF format and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. You should already have this on your computer but, if not, instructions are given for how to download it.

The course isn’t going anywhere so you can take it at your own pace and go back and ‘rewind’ on anything you are not clear on.

It really doesn’t matter how experienced you are or what skills you may or may not have. Facebook Traffic Rush is designed with you in mind.

It will get you up and running and making money fast, using the exact same tried, tested and proven methods I am using every day in my own business.

You can find the answers to some of the common questions I have been getting at the end of this letter but, if you have any other queries, just drop me an email on…

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

My Very Best Wishes

William Martin
Facebook Traffic Rush

P.S. This golden opportunity to make money quickly and simply on Facebook will not last forever. If you weren’t one of the thousands who made an easy killing during the Google AdWords bonanza back in 2002, don’t miss the boat a second time.

It could be 13 more years before another opportunity as good as this for the ‘little guy’ comes along. So act now and grab Facebook Traffic Rush for just $9.95 and start making real money in as little as 48 hours from now…

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know anything about Facebook to use the course?

No! Although Facebook currently has more than 1.5 billion users, I do not assume you are one of them.
Nor do I assume you have done any online marketing before. I take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know to get you making money on Facebook fast, whatever your previous experience has been.

Will people be able to see what I am doing?

No! You do not advertise on Facebook under your own name but under whatever business name you choose to use.

There is no way for anybody to link any of your ads back to your personal profile so nobody (except Facebook and you) will know that you are placing the ads.

Do you offer support?

Of course! I have made Facebook Traffic Rush very easy to follow and everything you need should be in there.

However, if there is anything at all in the course that you need help with, just drop me a line on...

I aim to answer all emails within 24 working hours and usually it’s much quicker.

Will this cost a lot of money to get started?

No! Facebook advertising is still remarkably cheap, especially given that you can put your ad in front of only those people you know will be interested in it.

You specify exactly how much you want to spend each day on running your ad and that can be as little as $10 or even $5 and you ‘pay as you go’, so there is no initial deposit required.

I recommend a starting ‘bank’ of $50 to $100 to get you to your first successful campaign. Once one of your ads is making money, you can ‘re-invest’ part of the profits in starting new campaigns, so the process becomes self-financing.

Will I have to use Facebook personally and will other people be able to see my personal information?

No and no! Despite Facebook’s huge user base, I know there are many people who do not want to have their personal information ‘out there’ for all to see.

You do need to create a Facebook account so that you can advertise.

However, you only need to provide minimal information, such as your name and email address and you can elect to keep those private so only you and Facebook can see them.

So you definitely won’t have a legion of people from your past who you would rather forget trying to contact you!

Can anyone do this or is it like so many other things that are sold as 'simple' but turn out to be anything but for the average person?

Advertising on Facebook really is incredibly straightforward. It boils down to just two simple steps.

First, you create your ad.

This consists of an image and a few lines of text that, in total, come to less than two Twitter Tweets (that’s 2 x 140 characters if you don’t use Twitter).

Anyone can put one one of these together in a matter of minutes once they know what they are doing.

Second, you specify who you want Facebook to show your ad too. This is simple ‘form-filling’ that, again, takes just minutes to complete.

That’s all there is to it!

The ‘trick’ is knowing what to put in your ad and how to choose the right ‘audience’ for it… and that is what I teach you in the course.

If, as I show you in the course, you are advertising affiliate products (other people’s products where you earn a commission on every sale you make), everything else, such as websites, sales copy, payment processing, product delivery and customer support are all looked after by the product owner.

You just create the ad and send people direct to their website.

It really doesn't get much simpler than that in the world of online marketing.

Why is this something I should be doing instead of all the other opportunities out there?

Facebook advertising offers a golden opportunity for the ‘average guy’ to make excellent money online, quickly and simply.

But the opportunity won’t be around forever.

Back in 2002, Google launched its advertising platform, Google AdWords. Because they needed to attract advertisers to make it work, there were few ‘rules’ about what you could and couldn’t do.

As a result, an awful lot of people made an awful lot of money awfully quickly. Many became millionaires. And they did it by creating simple AdWords ads and sending people from the ads direct to affiliate offers.

Eventually, Google started to become more ‘picky’ about what could be advertised and, in particular, they effectively banned ads that went straight to affiliate offers. That Golden Age is over.

13 years later and Facebook has gone public. They too need to make money and so they too are bending over backwards to attract advertisers.

A whole new crop of ‘ordinary’ people is starting to make an awful lot of money very quickly on Facebook, just like people did with AdWords back in 2002.

If you missed out last time, this is your second golden opportunity. If you don’t grab this one, the next may be another 13 years coming, if ever. Sign-up now for just $9.95…

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